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Leasing vs Financing Benefits and Differences

Whether you are looking to lease a brand new Audi or secure auto financing, our team at Audi Exchange is available to discuss all car buying options and to cater a financing plan for you. We'll help guide you to the option that best fits your lifestyle demands and budget needs. Audi Exchange is more than just a car dealership, we are a dedicated group of Audi enthusiasts that are truly passionate about all Audi vehicles. We have been an established business in Highland Park, IL for over 40 years.

Leasing and financing a new Audi both have benefits and disadvantages. Ask yourself a few questions to help simplify your decision. Here are a few questions and answers help you get you started!

What is my Audi budget?

Your budget can be a good starting point for whether to lease or finance. Some restrictions in financing a vehicle could be your credit score and down payment. With leasing, your monthly payment can be lower with less up-front costs. Check out our latest lease specials or apply for a credit application at Audi Exchange.

How long do I plan on owning my new Audi?

Leasing a new Audi means you'll always have the latest innovations Audi has to offer. Leasing means no long-term commitments, so you can drive a new car every two to four years and don't have to worry about selling it or how the future value affects you financially. Financing a new Audi is a longer investment, but you can sell or trade your vehicle at any time. After you have paid off your loan or whenever you decide you want a new one, you will have to deal with selling or trading in your new car. While vehicle values depreciate, the car and cash value associated with it is yours to use as you like.

What are my driving habits?

If you don't use your Audi for anything other than a daily commuter, than a lease could be right for you, however if you use it for long road trips, camping or something that could accumulate a lot of miles and wear, financed may be best. Financing means you own it and have no mileage limitations. Audi also offers a full range of mileage options including up to 15,000 miles a year. 

What are the benefits of leasing?

  • The monthly payment and overall cost only require you to pay for the vehicle depreciation during your lease term, not the full value.
  • Lease payments are lower than financing payments and require less money down.
  • With a lease, you have full warranty protection.
  • Lease terms are flexible and customizable for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Audi offers a full range of mileage options to best suit your driving needs.

What are the benefits of financing?

  • With financing, you own your vehicle outright and can sell it any time it's paid off. The resale value may benefit you at the time of trade-in.
  • There are no mileage limitations with financed vehicles.
  • Once your loan balance is paid off, you will have no car payments and own the vehicle.
  • Audi Exchange offers multiple lender options, both locally and nationally, to completely personalize your financing plan.

Audi Financing near Chicago, IL

Do you have questions about auto financing? Not sure if leasing or buying will be the better option for you? Are you trying to get out of a vehicle lease early? Our Audi financing experts near the Chicago area can help. Call or contact Audi Exchange today to get the best financing available on our new and used Audi cars for sale. Visit Audi Exchange at 2490 Skokie Valley Road in Highland Park today!

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