The Audi e-tron Quattro sport-model SUV is the ultimate competitor to Tesla's Model X SUV. With Audi's new e-tron vehicle, Audi continues its legacy of innovation with purely electric vehicles that don't compromise on quality. With Audi's new 2019 e-tron SUVs, you can experience the evolution of electric cars, with either a fully electric line, a hybrid-electric line or a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The Audi e-tron is built on technology that's inspired by Formula E, offering breathtaking acceleration, long-lasting battery life, and Audi's legendary quattro all-wheel drive. Designed to simplify your life and still provide you with the Audi experience you've come to know and love, the luxurious new e-tron comes with an expansive fast-charging network to keep your vehicle charged as well as a growing suite of top-tier smart services to take your drive to the next level. Fusing the power of a combustion engine with a sporty, electric drive for everyday fuel economy and fun, the new Audi e-tron electric cars are the only current direct competitor to Tesla Model X.

This is why the e-tron's powertrain and lithium-ion battery are at the core of the Audi e-tron vehicles. Together, both help keep the e-tron moving more efficiently at longer distances, giving Tesla's Model X SUV a good run for its money. Generating 102 hp of electric power, a 75 kW power rating and nearly instantaneous torque, the liquid-cooled, permanent-magnet-driven electric motor in the 2019 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron delivers the kind of impressive acceleration that even Tesla Model X drivers would envy.

See more Audi e-tron features and specs below:

 Engine: Four-Cylinder
 Transmission: Six-Speed S tronic® Dual-Clutch Automatic
 Horsepower: 204 Combined Output
 Acceleration: 0-60mph in 7.6 Seconds
 Torque: 258 Combined Output
 Valvetrain: 16-Valve DOHC
 Top Speed: 130 mph
Combined MPG-e: 83
*Based on the 2019 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

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